Plywood can be easily said as sheets of woods that are joined and put on each other by glue. The sheets of the thin woods are known as wood veneers. When the layers are put together, they give a very durable and sturdy wood material that is known as plywood. The quality of the plywood is dependent on the types of sheets that are glued together to make the plywood. There are different types of plywood in the market today. When you use a lasting and strong adhesive, plywood becomes better than the plain woods in the warps, twists, shrinking and resisting cracks.

Plywood has been commonly used in the recent past to make houses and other constructions. It has the right characteristics that can make it an option to use as dividers, walls and also for a ceiling. When you go to the market today, you will find many of this plywood, and you will be left with the task of deciding on a specific one that you shall use.

Every plywood type will vary with the materials that have been used to make it and the also the usage. Here we will discuss the various types of plywood and all their characteristics. Every type of plywood has their drawbacks, purpose, and benefits. This will give you an idea of the type of plywood you will choose depending on your needs.


The medium density fiber mostly abbreviated as the MDF is one type of plywood that is most common. This is quite a stable material to make your furniture with, and every batch of it is consistent. Just at the bottom of the woods, there are almost no voids or blisters. This results in more consistency and bonding. The wood veneers are tightly bonded, and this makes it not to chip as much during the cross-cut operation. The edges of the plywood have a glue adhesion capability that is very excellent. When working on this wood, mostly consider using a machine router of the saw.

The other type of wood is the medium and high-density overlay plywood. These are mainly known as the MDO and HDO respectively. The core of the woods is the fir veneers and coated with the MDF. The surface of this plywood is more durable and sturdier when put in comparison with other types plywood. It has a lighter weight matched to the medium density fiber.

Next, we have the veneer core mostly abbreviated as the VC. This is made of alternate layers of commonly used plywood. The plywood is tight, and this makes it quite easy to work with. It has a grainy wood finish and surface of veneer just like the maple oak. Compared with other plywood, it is much stronger. It is also light and makes it quite easy to work with.

The lumber core plywood is the other type of plywood. It is mainly made using the pieces of hard wood like the basswood. The core is layered and surfaced with veneer. It is one of the most costly you can find on the market. It is used best when you have to expose the edges.

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